Who is it for?

Made in Melbourne, these desserts are enjoyed by people of all ages. All of our desserts are gluten free with no added preservatives and made from at least 95% Australian ingredients. If you're looking to impress your friends & family next dinner party, we have you covered!

Practice makes perfect

Our head chef Peter Little has been perfecting the dessert for over 10 years now. After years of practice and experimenting, our signature dessert hit the market and is now sold in over 400 stores Australia wide!

Do you like being creative?

Our dessert is served in a tub and can be eaten straight from the tub. However for those who like to get a little creative for dessert, our mousse can be presented in a number of different ways. Check out our gallery page for some new ideas!

What are customers say?

“This Mousse is a very affordable dessert! We bought a couple of tubs from our local shops and decided to go home and use the Mousse as a topping to our Chocolate Cake we had baked."

Sarah Smith

"I was amazed at how the taste lingered on my tastebuds after I finished eating the Mousse. I can't wait to share this dessert with my family & friends next time they are over."

Jess Stephenson

“The Chocolate Mousse was simply incredible. I picked up 4 tubs from IGA and treated my friends to this scrumptious dessert. I now have a reason to rush back to the shops!"

Thomas Luttmer

“My family was blown away by this dessert! Both my children commented saying it was like having a dessert in a really nice restaurant. The mousse was also very easy to prepare."

Steve Willis